IAOC is the Israeli chapter of the AOC (Association of Old Crows).

Refer to  https://www.crows.org 

IAOC was founded officially in Feb. 1996 by Dr. Abner Ephrath, after consulting with a former AOC president, Mr. Craig Johnson, in the national conference in 1994 (Washington, DC).  The chapter’s charter was presented to the membership by Mr. Paul J. Westcott, then VP of the AOC, on Aug. 8, 1996.

The main objectives of the Israeli chapter are:

  • To create and maintain a community connecting members in the MOD, IDF, academia and defense industries that deal with Electromagnetic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO), Information Warfare (IW), and related capabilities.
  • To represent the subjects of EW, EMSO & IW to government agencies and authorities in Israel and abroad.
  • To increase awareness of the background & history of these subjects, strengthen the professionalism and promote the relevant knowledge, participating in the research and development of theory, technology and operational methods.
  • To cultivate relations of friendship and respect among professionals and strengthen the human and cultural values underlying the profession.
  • To maintain contact with the international AOC.
  • To maintain the local website, www.iaoc.org.il.
  • To do any other related activity that can contribute to achieving the above goals.
  • The chapter is a non-profit organization; any funds gained as a result of its activities, will be used solely for the promotion of its objectives